CodeWeek - MEC@DEM-UA

Nowadays, programming is becoming an increasingly valuable tool, especially for a mechanical engineer. In fact, programming allows the engineer to learn about and further optimize the systems he develops. With this in mind, our Codeweek EU event MEC@DEM-UA (Mechanical Engineering Computing), aims to stimulate the programming skills of future engineers.

This event is targeted for those who have little to no programming experience. The basic programming topics will be approached intuitively by a series of challenges, always with an underlying engineering reasoning, which will prove the power of programming as a problem-solving tool.

The IDE in use will be the open-source program Octave.

MEC@DEM-UA will be open to high school students and 1st year college students. This event is prepared by GRIDS, a research group from the department of mechanical engineering of University of Aveiro.

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